Stream vs Pond vs Tap

Bottleless In-Line Filtered Water Coolers ‘THE STREAM’

  • Endless source of freshly filtered drinking water by pressing the cold or hot button
  • A relatively small carbon footprint
  • No lifting of bottles
  • No storing of bottles
  • No accounting for bottle deposits
  • No delivery people interrupting your day
  • No running out of water – an unlimited supply of fresh cold filtered water for a fixed monthly cost
  • The reservoir is in a closed system to protect all users from bacteria
  • Know the source of your drinking water • A low fixed monthly rate for unlimited fresh filtered water

Bottle Water ‘THE POND’

How do you feel about…

  • A huge carbon footprint taking into account the manufacturing and eventual disposal of all these bottles and the delivery process itself?
  • Lifting, storing and accounting for all those bottles?
  • The person who changed the bottle and didn’t wash their hands?
  • Not knowing how long the water has been in the bottle or where it came from?
  • The open reservoir where bacteria could grow?
  • The fact that bottled water sits for long periods of time in plastic bottles and is exposed to light and heat and is susceptible to algae and bacteria?
  • The comparison cost between bottled water and gasoline?

Tap Water

  • Skunky Smell and Taste
  • Tap water contains fluoride which has been linked to Skeletal Fluorosis which causes pain and damage to bones and joints
  • Tap water contains chlorine which is linked to causing cancer
  • Tap water contains THM’s (Trihalomethane are environmental pollutants).  THM’s are a combination of chlorine and organic matter which some say are the leading expected waterborne cause of cancer.
  • Tap water contains lead which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Tap water contains aluminum which can lead to kidney disease
Tap Water


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